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My Novel

Reggie Marshall has spent a lifetime trying to make an honest living, but a
run of bad luck forces him into work with Cleveland’s Jewish mob. Leland
Bloom-Mittwoch Sr. is a megalomaniac who calls cocaine his “medicine.”
One fateful night, a drug deal goes wrong and their lives — along with
the lives of their families — are intertwined forever.

Writing in the New York Times, Nathan Hill (The Nix) called The Comedown
“so good, so fully realized and meticulously, skillfully rendered…A
book about crests and troughs, highs and comedowns, joys and brutalities
— about how easily our lives are wrecked and how powerfully we’re able
to survive and rebuild.”

When you read The Comedown, you’ll follow the stories of thirteen different characters in search of love, drugs, friendship, money, and salvation. Spanning generations from baby boomers to gen Xers to millennials, The Comedown is an American story as inclusive and capacious as it is funny and incisive.


You can order The Comedown here, or if you’re particularly into capitalism, here.


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